Who Am I?

I’m a dad who loves his son very much.

That said, I’ve had no contact with him since 2017. After a messy separation and a lot of litigation in family court, he told me that he never wanted to speak to me again before moving to Paris, France with his mother.

To be sure, I haven’t always been the best of fathers. My son watched as I struggled with alcoholism and addiction through most of his childhood. Regardless, I was a very caring- if flawed- father. No matter how much I turn it over in my head, I can’t understand how our bond could be so easily broken. Ultimately, I don’t have to understand it; I just have to accept it.

Any doubt in my son’s mind about whether his father loves him is not acceptable to me, however. I may have had to give up an unwinnable legal battle, but I can never give up on my son. It took a little time and soul searching to find the best way to make this clear. When I found out that IRONMAN Cozumel 2018 would be held on his birthday, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. I signed up and started training.

It took almost all of my time and energy outside of work, but on 11/18/2020 I finished that IRONMAN in a little under 12 hours. Since then, I’ve finished IRONMAN Santa Rosa, ULTRAMAN Israel, and have created some of my own endurance challenges.

So who am I? I’m a man following a path he believes will make him the best father he can be under the circumstances- even if it’s a little steeper, a lot longer, or not as well worn as those most fathers go down. I am IRöNDAD.

Wanna tell me who you are?