It’s been a while. To be honest, things haven’t been going the way I had imagined. For one, I never imagined that my training would leave me with little-to-no time to post updates on my how my training was going. So I guess it’s been going pretty well.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In any case, I figured I’d drop a quick note while I’m chillaxin here in Cozumel on the day before the big one.

Let’s start with what’s happened since I last checked in:

  • A half IRONMAN in Santa Rosa. Tragically, the swim was called off due to fog.
  • A half IRONMAN in Santa Cruz. This one went swimmingly (sorry not sorry).
  • A handful of 5 and 10k’s that Jen and I ran together. We like to keep it weird when we’re funrunning, so drop me a note if you know of any quirky events we might be interested in.
  • My 44th birthday.
  • The rest of life.

My expectations for tomorrow’s race have evolved, too. When I started this journey, I indulged in occasional fantasies of an alienated father’s pain writ large in my own blood, sweat, and tears from the first stroke to the last step of this IRONMAN. While there have been plenty of all three over the past year, if things go well tomorrow I will be too focussed on executing against my race plan (in this case, to finish an IRONMAN in good form) to give much thought to what got me here.

And that MO captures my overall journey as a father much better. It’s not that hard to put in an appearance when things get tough- when a loving parent is what a child needs most. Or to drop in on Christmas in a fake beard to lodge a few good memories in your child’s head before they get all angsty and pubescent. What’s hard is showing up every day for all the ups and downs, the good and bad, and walking alongside your child for as much of their journey as you can. It’s becoming the kind of person you want your child to want to be.

I promise I’ll check in again after the race. In the meantime, here’s a picture of me shaving my legs:

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