Happy Father’s Day

And I hope all the dads out there have had plenty of opportunities to be the best fathers they can be today. I’ve found my own opportunity in building this site to share a journey I’ve undertaken. I’ve decided to run IRONMAN Cozumel on 11/18/2018- my son’s 14th birthday.

A little background is probably in order. For the last couple of years, I’ve spent Father’s Day alone, missing my son terribly, and generally not knowing what to do with myself. I haven’t had any contact with my son since last December. And it’s very difficult for me to be an engaged father under the circumstances. That’s pretty much all I can say about that, but it should give you some idea of why this journey is so important to me.


Things have been going well so far. I finished my first Olympic triathlon at Wildflower a few months ago. I followed it up with my first marathon in San Diego. I’ll be doing at least two 70.3 IRONMANs before the big day in Cozumel.

This is how I’ve chosen to show up for my son as a father. I may not be physically present in his life, but maybe I can impart a few life lessons from afar. Like, the secret to success isn’t a secret at all. Those who find success set a goal and never give up– no matter how hard the going gets.

But what does it mean to never give up? It certainly doesn’t mean never fail. Not only will we not always win- sometimes we won’t even finish. That’s exactly when we have to remind ourselves to never give up; when we find the strength to let go of what didn’t work and open our minds with love and acceptance, a new approach will become apparent.

I hope you come back and check in every now and then. Until next time, please keep in mind that being a good father is a full-time job, and an occasional word of appreciation on one of the other 364 days of the year wouldn’t hurt. But for today, the very happiest of Father’s Days to all the other dads out there.


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